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Changing State of Mind

Verse 1

Looking from outside to within, 

my Changing State of Mind

In the silent dawn the train waits patiently 

By the platform with no sign

a mystery journey lies ahead, 

with no stated destination

guided by the northern star

where the railway tracks keep changing, 

to a place where time stands still

a Changing State of Mind.


Verse 2

We reach the Point between two seas, 

feel changes in the air  

I clear my mind, so I can roam free

waves of warm feelings wash over me

Heat flowing through my third eye

I stand outside myself, 

gazing down from up high

From the vastness of the purple sky

my soul is a mirror in a crystal pool 

a Changing State of Mind.



Late in the day, shadows gently sway

cicadas chatter in the sultry haze

marmosets jive in the trees, movies start to play

swirling scenes of my past tumble into place

Faces calling to me, golden ghosts ablaze

a long-departed friend, drops by 

Smiles and memories of just being 

The simple way we lived our lives,

postcard moments of lovers shared

energy flowed, our passion bared

I see the swallows soar and carry me

to a Changing State of Mind.


© Rob Harris 2018 (music and lyrics)                                                                                                                    

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