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About Blue Sky Morning and Reviews


This is Rob’s debut album! Blue Sky Morning features a range of musical styles over lyric driven songs.

It’s an album that does demand attention and reflection on some of the messages in the songs.  

The album has balance. A good number of songs explore “serious subjects” but there are a selection of upbeat, lighter “feelgood” songs. Rob has collaborated with many songwriters and there two co-writes in Blue Sky Morning.


Without over labelling him, the influences of Bob Dylan are clearly there along with many others including the Beatles and Paul Simon.


Here is a brief review of some of the songs on the album.


General Reviews


Gary Carey

Rob, I've been helping my daughter Connie move in to her new home, with a Lakes walk yesterday, so I missed this post - however many congratulations on a fine album. I played it in the car driving through Cumbria yesterday without saying anything about the CD to my passengers. All three are in their twenties and they really enjoyed it. Anton even started singing along to High on Natural Energy which gave me a kick! I think it's a real achievement that it sits so naturally next to commercial albums and holds its own.


Gary Carey   Musician, songwriter and recording artist


Filippo Dall'Asta

"I enjoyed Rob Harris's album tremendously. The vocal delivery is superb and the compositions and arrangements are compelling and intriguing. This is a wonderful debut album from a fantastic songwriter!"


Filippo Dall'Asta, UK Guitarist and recording artist

Tina Pluchino

I really did enjoy it! I’m so impressed! Your songs are really well arranged and recorded and it’s great to hear them as you imagined them. Absolutely brilliant! :-)

xx Tina 

Tina Pluchino, Songwriter, Musician, Singer

David Fee, Songwriter and Performer

My song writing friend, Rob Harris, has just released an album called Blue Sky Morning. Rob is a highly original and creative writer, and well worth a listen. He actually did part of the recording for that album on a visit to us in Campbelltown, Scotland.  I'll be picking up a copy when I head away next week for my twice-yearly song writing session with friends.


David Fee, Song writer and Recording Artist

Richard Sattin

Thanks for sharing Rob.

Enjoyed listening very much.

Well done you. I’m impressed.


Richard Sattin, TV Series Producer

Professor John Sparrow

The album is really good. Lyrically, musically and in production terms! It is also packaged beautifully.

Keep it up!

John Sparrow, Professor of Psychology and Musician, Song writer, Writer of Musicals

Stephen Blumm

You have a very nice, very pleasing singing voice - I was impressed! Also, I thought the songs were very well done and very well produced.  The songs are good!

Stephen Blumm, Professor of History


Ian Stolerman

I received your disc and enjoyed it last night. You have a beautiful voice and I never knew that despite knowing you earlier in your life than you are likely to remember!

Ian Stolerman, Professor of Pharmacology

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