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Remember That Time

- Tea For Two


Verse 1

Remember the time                                      

When the world slowed down                                  

Together alone, just you and me                              

Locked ourselves away, strangely satisfied                                                   

Grasping precious moments, jiving to La Bamba                                                      

Remember the time                                                  

Only nature’s sounds                                                 

Together alone, just you and me      



We are tea for two, just me and you                        

Lost in space, then finding ourselves                       

Shuffle the cards, let’s play Hearts                            

One will be lucky and win today                                

We are tea for two, just me and you                        

Angel Cake and Coffee Eclairs           

Verse 2                                           

Surrender our days                                                    

As we played around                                                 

another fine day, try something new                        

Sewing Sashiko, painting decoupage

making zany patterns, shaping paper lanterns                                                         

Surrendered those days                                            

when we lay around                                                 

Sharing our love in so many ways

So many ways



I can’t think of anything else to say                                                   

we’re quite happy in our own little world                                                    

We are grateful, to have survived                             

Now we enjoy some peace of mind                          

© Rob Harris 2021 (music and lyrics)

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