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Sea of Trees

Verse 1

The scent of Jasmin in the sultry air                            

The waterfall of your raven hair                                

Drowning me in the melody of your soul      

Lying in a sensual silky glow              

Your moonbeam eyes, so wild and warm

The heat of your breath, burning on my skin



I crossed over the Bridge of Dreams

To sail above the Sea of Trees

You’re close to me, speaking softly

Our love flows through, the Sea of Trees

Holding you tight, our spirits free

The time has come, to leave this dream

Hoping for more, sometime quite soon

We will sail above the Sea of Trees


Verse 2

Rainbows are dancing on a bubbly stream

Tango of love flows down to the sea

Guiding me through a fantasy world of dream                     

Gleaming with a milky moonlight sheen

Ripples of joy run through our limbs

The touch of your hand, gently on my face



Life is not always, quite what it seems

Trying to make sense, of many strange things

As we make our way, through twists and turns

Searching for meaning, finding out why

Looked inside to find the way to be

I loved you, with all my soul

© Rob Harris 2021 (music and lyrics)

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