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Young Minds

YoungMinds are working on many fronts to tackle mental health problems in the young. This is what impressed me along with their track record and why I decided to support them.


The three reports should give you a very clear idea of how and where.


50% of all mental health problems manifest before the age of 14, with 3 in 4 enduring mental health conditions being present by the age of 24.


Develop new ways of ensuring young people facing adversities and increased barriers to care receive the help they need.


3 in 4 children with a diagnosable mental health condition do not get access to the support they need.


Mental ill health makes young people vulnerable. But, other vulnerabilities or adverse experiences such as abuse, family breakdown, racism and bereavement can also cause mental health problems. These young people have an increased chance of experiencing poor mental health outcomes yet, too often, cannot access the right care.


Promote good mental health to more children and young people than ever before.


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