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Late September Tropical Song

Verse 1 

The Fall is comin’, leaves are turnin’

Nature’s intention to bring change

As the season cools I think of you

While the heat of our passion remains

over and over images play

of us merged in harmony

It’s late September and I watch the leaves float away.



​There are many ideas of paradise 

mine is being with you

You are the blossom in our Spring

Its late September and my life is changing 

Please don’t tire of waiting        

I’ll be with you soon.

Verse 2

I look back, to a year ago

Curled up in the alcove of our room

we talk endlessly, many different things

no idea of the time of day

It’s like a movie scene 

We doodle on a magazine, kisses in between, monkeys howl, cicadas play, tin roof clatters in the rain. 

We don’t care about the weather, we just want to be together.

It’s late September and I watch the leaves float away.



Verse 3

As the sun rises, I lie awake

study the shadows playing on your face

changes of expression, as you sleep

watching circles of emotion,

Laughter and joy 

Happy and sad, angry and lost, strong and bold, yet so soft,

so much beauty in your soul,

and then you open your eyes, showing startled surprise, 

It’s late September and I watch the leaves float away.



And then you smile, it’s breakfast time, 

Slice some bread, put the coffee on, 

Fruits and grains, berries and seeds,          

We have everything we need, Simplicity

Don’t need to go online or see the News on TV 

We’ll just take a stroll to the corner store and tiptoe in the sea.




Verse 4

So I will fly to, the other side of the world 

I lock up as the taxi arrives.

Mary next door, she waves goodbye

smiles and pulls the curtain to. 

When I join you, things may have changed

but I am going to take that chance.

All I can do is believe:

believe in love, believe in myself, believe in you,

and believe that you’ll still love me 

© Rob Harris 2018 (music and lyrics)

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