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Gone Man - Wrong Man

Verse 1 

I see on the news a man is on the run 

Wanted for breaking and entering

It’s just another story that’s homespun

The sun flashes on the plane above

are they filming me?

In the mirror, face is unfamiliar

And I ask him what have I done wrong?


Verse 2 

I may be called a misfit but I’m really very kind 

It’s just these stories that keep playing in my mind

The doctors tell me my head’s not right

Voices chase me through the endless night

I’m a scaredy cat up a tree, 

an unknown sailor lost at sea

and I try to hide that I’m running scared



I am the Wrong Man

Can’t you help me find the key?

I feel so out of tune, but its time that I was on the move

Now I am a Gone Man

Now I am the Wrong Man



I want the voices to say nice things to me

To unlock my mind and set me free

Instead they feed me pills that shut me down 

leave me frozen with no feeling

so I stare at patterns on the ceiling

like tracks in the snow leading nowhere




Verse 3

Thrown out with the trash, and left a bloody stain 

Now I’m running hard for the southbound train

I changed the colour of my hair      

From flaming red to golden fair 

Now I speak with a different voice,

needed to change, had no choice 

then I go online to buy a new ID,

I have to have a new…  personality 



© Rob Harris 2018 (music and lyrics)

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