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Verse 1

My teacher says

you must try a little harder            

with the words you choose

What you say

Is all about you

Think about the meaning

Express yourself with feeling                     

To stand out from the crowd



Teacher says, take my advice

Don’t use words such as “Nice’

Not even once and certainly not twice

Only use words, that make you come alive


But I only have one word I want to say

Nice, Yes, you are really quite nice

I can’t describe you in a better way

Nice, Yes, you are really quite nice

And pretty cool too!

Verse 2

My teacher says

If you want to be smooth talking 

You must learn to use

Words that charm

Let them surround you

Add some spice with honey

Maybe a phrase that’s funny

Stride out with a smile


I take a journey through my mind

But it’s quite a bumpy ride

To find the words that fit your vibe

That makes you one of a kind

© Rob Harris 2018 (music and lyrics)

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