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Suki and Simi

Verse 1

She came from Yokohama, rode to Hirashoma

Flew to London Heathrow, her name is Suki Suro

Left behind her chakras, dispensed with all her mantras,

Brought new ideas for being, different ways of seeing

Rode to Bath, to rip apart, all the past

Took a chance, breast enhanced, learned to laugh

Synchro, psycho, Kawasaki Girl


Verse 2

His name is Simi Kiri, jumped out of Nagasaki

Escaping mass production, bought a bike in London

Fell in love with Suki, asked to be her groupie

They look like Sonny n’ Shairi, but a little bit more scary

They plough the soil, for English words, they never heard

lipstick lashed, tattoo splashed, smoked some hash

Synchro, psycho, Nagasaki Boy


Suki and Simi breaking free, crossing over seven seas,

The two of them, worldly wise, fashion idols with rag doll eyes

Suki and Simi travel far and wide, heading to the open skies

Monday to Sunday, they make us smile, setting trends with funky style

Sequin suits, shine electric blue, feel their passion burst right through, 

Suki and Simi, up on stage, dance the night away

Wild and free, that’s how to be                  

in a crazy mixed up world.

Verse 3

Headed down to Brighton, became a pop-up icon

madder than Rasputin, on a manic mission

Opened a Gallery of Feelings, to start some healing

Embrace some change, rewire our brains,

Find the means, Skeleton key, Unlock dreams,

Paint out fears, New careers, Frame ideas,

Synchro, psycho, Suki-Simi Dream.

© Rob Harris 2018 (music and lyrics)

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