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Looking Ahead

Verse 1

Jenny and George throw down their Boards 

Ready to try some slick new moves          

Skating in the park on grey concrete                  

a friendly place where we can meet          

Tattoo Sue makes a dragon flip                 

sails through the air looking hip         

Rapper Jim takes a looping spin                

clears the rail with a bug-eyed grin   



Some things don’t go the way you want  

slam down hard, but jump back up           

Take the hits and, carry on                         

Stay on your board Looking Ahead                                      

Tony the Hawk says you can do it             

Don’t Look back, Keep looking ahead               

Hold your nerve as you cruise the circuit    

Don’t Look back, Keep looking ahead               


Verse 2

Squeals of wheels with laughs and cries

Echoes of bumps and sounds of fun

Gliding in and out the great escape

A speeding blur no need to brake

Zany Jane rolls an Ollie jump

Down to the ground with a heavy thump

Perfect Pete swings a tick tack trick 

Shares a High Five with Metal Mick


Verse 3

Maggie and Meg are full of pride

Scores a Ten with Noseblunt slides

Rooted to his board like a magnet

Graffiti Joe is a sonic jet

Mollie Moon makes a flying start

Shapes that she makes, a work of art       

Surfing Sid shows real true-life grit   

Rides the waves and takes the hit

© Rob Harris 2021 (music and lyrics)

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