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The Leader Who Stands Before Us

Background to this song 


I was driven to write this song when I looked at Leaders of nations around the globe and see what a poor example so many are to their citizens.


There seem to be so few who inspire and provide any sort of moral example for the way forward for the human race.


Hopefully this might change in the not too distant future.


Verse 1

You are the leader of today                               

But do you know, how to behave?                   

Are you there for the greater good?             

Or just to be some greater god?                      

Yes, you are, the King of Kings                          

Playing the Lord, of the Rings                                    


We don’t want a Drama Queen

Twistin’, turnin making scenes

You’re not the one to take gentle steps        

We’re so scared of what’s coming next        



Go go go, big Leader                                      

Let it all gush out                                               

Don’t you love to scream and shout             

Hey, hey, hey, big Leader                              

You leave me without doubt                     

Time to move you, right on out         

Verse 2

We hate the poison that you speak

Please tell us why, you feel the need?

To drown us in, your twisted tweets

And feed us with, your bitter sweets

There you are, on your throne

Turning our dreams, in to stone



Yer, last night I had a dream, 

We had a new leader. 

Someone we can believe in 

with an honest face and caring smile

I had a dream, I want to believe in

I had a dream, I had a dream 

I have a dream, I have a dream

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