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Face of a Cherokee



Running through the trees

A flash of raven hair

Caught her ice pick stare

Cool as the winter’s breeze

The Face of a Cherokee

The cry of the red banshee

Spirit of the free

The Face of a Cherokee


Verse 1 (destruction)

Master of the powerful

the White man is your downfall,

Sharnee forced to flee,

from invading gods of greed, 

they broke your brothers trust 

history and legends ground to dust

on the Trail of Tears




Verse 2 (Desperation)

Ahead lies the sacred mountain

Sharnee keeps on running, 

from the screaming roar of pounding hooves

visions of her slaughtered kin 

thick with ghosts and eerie moans

through the fields of trampled bones

on the trail of tears


Bridge  (Cry for Help)

Sharnee climbs the sacred mountain 

Glowing flesh, pulsing power

blood pumping angry fire, 

her mind racing faster,

a 100 miles an hour

With echoes of her pain

cries out to the valley below,

what is to become of us?

© Rob Harris 2018

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