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Background to this song 

Greta is someone I greatly admire. Not only for her single mindedness and resilience in communicating a clear and simple message to us, but also for her bravery to take on the leaders of the world and engage with the very young.


The release of this song, coincides with the forthcoming Cop 26 Climate Change conference in Glasgow at the start of November 2021.

I wrote Greta with an audience of young children in mind, as they are the age group who will be most affected by climate change and also most likely to be inspired by Greta. I hope they will enjoy singing the song with their friends, classmates and in larger gatherings as well as prompting discussion with parents about the sort of environment they could be facing in 30 to 40 years time.


If you like the song please share with your children, grandchildren and especially any teachers you know who may give it a play to their class! With the Climate Change Conference taking place I thought this song may be used by school teachers as an intro to a class or group discussion.


The song is available on all music streaming channels click top left: "Get Single"


And please share!


Verse 1

Greta, you stand before us now                    

Ready to talk, so calm and serene                 

On our screens, for all to see                         

Sailed across the oceans                                

Addressed the United Nations                      

So many powerful leaders                             

While some listen with respect                     

We ask what action will they take?   

Verse 2

You understand what we need to do            

Plant more trees and farm our seas              

Shift our way of living                                    

Prepare for dramatic changes                       

The ice is melting faster                                 

Soon there’ll be nowhere to go                     

We must control the carbon flow  



It’s time to listen, and it’s time to act           

It’ time to face, the brutal facts                     

We must learn to, embrace the science        

And help others, to understand                    

Your message is bold, crystal clear                

Greta, you speak the words we need to hear


Greta you’re humble and sincere                  

A guiding star for all our young                     

Let the world sit up and listen                       

And believe we can work together

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