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Slowly We Can, Carry On


Background to this song 


Slowly We Can, Carry On was written last year in 2020 during the course of the Covid 19 Pandemic. We recorded the song in October 2020 at Unit 2 studios in West London.

I wrote the song as a slightly surreal interpretation of what I believe people were going  through  mentally during the various periods of Lockdown. Some periods more intense and restrictive than others of course.


The song was conceived as a dreamy journey trying to make sense of the world that has suddenly and dramatically  changed around us.


As is the job of any song I wanted to relay some of my personal visions of our inner worlds at a level that I hope others share too.


Its taken some time to create the video and now for some of our nations there is some hope on the horizon. So slowly we can, carry on!


Verse 1

Sunlight beams trap dust mites suspended in the heavy air            

Floating up from the cushion on the old rocking chair   Gently creaking, early evening, tipping slowly back and forth         

Casting curvy shadows on the shiny parquet floor         

There’s a faded tapestry of her majesty,                          

She stares across at me                                                     

I’m sure she would agree                                                  

This is not how life is supposed to be                                                 

Verse 2

The window panes have turned blurry from the grime and rain      

Butterflies flutter by as random thoughts in my brain   Moving forms fading in and out, shouting vivid restless dreams     

Straining my mind to identify, what they might mean     but nothing makes much sense any more                       Is this the beginning?                                                        the beginning of the end?                                                I just want to hug and kiss my friends                                            


So I, sit in the shadows, playing my guitar

Singing with hope from afar

Slowly we can, Carry on

Find our way out and move on

Slowly we can,

We may be lonely tonight

I hope it won’t be too long

Slowly we can, Carry on


Verse 3

My gaze drifts over to a painting hanging on the wall 

a single sailing ship shelters in a Flemish port                

The sky is growing darker with a fast approaching storm                

A father and son rowing hard, trying to reach the shore 

There’s another picture, in the style of Van Gogh           

Sunflowers in yellow                                                    

A cry of happiness                                                     

Sad Vincent running from his loneliness


From isolation to desolation                                             

in suspended animation,     

then endless conversations ,                                      

with our ourselves as we sit alone.                                

So, I will write some words of comfort                             

And send my love to you.

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