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Sister Matilda


She dyed her hair peach blonde 

To look cool in the rays of the sun

Wears a diamond in her belly

She’s a girl who likes to have fun 


Verse 1

You used to be a girl who liked to have fun 

Then your world changed and you became a nun

praying to the lord 5 times a day

Seeking peace and solace from deep within

Your soul fighting the ringing bells of sin

You / took time out in solitude

to look at life differently  

a desperate search for tranquillity


Verse 2

You lived your life undercover

you were the secret lover

of the famous media man

then he drew away his hand

to leave you damaged and deranged

a magnet to his brain 

no more his lover, 

replaced by one younger 

the end of your 20-year affair  



Sister Matilda in the church of Carmel 

Sister Matilda at the wishing well

Sister prays for the world

You threw away all your pearls

Sister Matilda we think of you   

Sister Matilda we think of you 


Verse 3

Patterns of sorrow cast by candles on the walls

Worn by time the stone feels cold

in the depths of your soul the darkness creeps

struggling to escape the midnight mist

at the end of the tunnel there may be light 

searching within for the strength to fight

you face a weary battle to try to change

and the endless fear that you might go insane.


Verse 4 

One day you hear a message from the Lord:

“Your path has been long and hard,

You are just one of many who’s battle scarred”

“There is much to be done in the world outside.”

“To help those abused with troubled minds”

lessons for the young, and comfort for the old          

you can pass on 

Make haste and leave, I will be your guide…”


© Rob Harris 2018 (music and lyrics)

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