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Nature's Corner

Verse 1

Grains of sand, clusters of twigs and sticks, follow the Jaguar prints           

Cocos trees, whispering calm, scatter their fruits around                            

Winding vines with purple flowers, seek hands of friendship,                     

reach out across the dunes, over washed up shoes                                    No excuse for our actions, we hide behind the truth                                   

See a Kestrel soar, high above the roar, of the waves                                  



Dawn glows early in a symphony of song

Clattering alarm of the Bay Wren calling,                                                     

Black hawk perches in the Mango tree                                                         

Aracaris cackle in the  breeze,                                                                        

Iguana caught in the python’s squeeze                                                         

Passing the time in nature’s corner, Sharing a log with a friend

Passing the time in Nature’s Corner.

Passing the time . . .


Verse 2

Vultures waiting, patiently, for green turtles to hatch                                  

Splits in a tree, like fractured limbs, there’s blood on the shore      

Drifting cries from battle fields, they echo in my soul

the Tinamou in the distance calls, sounds so sad to me

Why do we keep fighting wars and end up in this way?                              

Dancing sideways, over broken shells like a Golden Crab.                            


Bridge 1

See the warning signs, don’t leave it too long

Feel changes in the air, nature is on the run

Yellow eyelash viper flashes her tongue

coiled and ready to strike

we’re careless prey, we closed our eyes

as the oceans warm, running out of time (Repeat running out of time)



© Rob Harris 2018 (music and lyrics)


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